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I have loads of memories about my husband, photos, and letters. But the thing I don't have, and that I miss terribly, is the sound of his voice. The people you are videoing will be there for their loved ones not only with memories and advice, but also with voice. What a wonderful gift!


The work that you do in chronicling these lives through your video, celebrates the good and the humanity in our society. Each video will have a far-reaching influence in each individuals family and future generations. 



It’s so important., it’s a wonderful thing you are doing. You made it very easy, the questionnaire, so I could get myself into gear. It was a lovely process. I hope my family enjoys it. 



I am awestruck, humbled and grateful that an organization such as yours exists. 


Thank you so much for your precious gift to our family. We were all fascinated by the richness of the narrative and memories the movie preserves of our family.



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The mission of Memories Live is to help people with life-limiting illnesses preserve their images, stories and wisdom by creating personalized movies to pass on to their loved ones.